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Austin, Minnesota

Work hard and play harder… Explore many attractions & festivals, performances & events

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Nearly 400 hotel guest rooms, in which you will find not only a place to enjoy, rejuvenate & relax, but a great value too!

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301 NOrth Main Street, Suite 101 Austin MN 55912 US

Numerous modern meeting facilities within the Austin city limits that can be set up in in a variety of ways. Along with our amazing sports facilities 

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CVB Services



         We offer the following FREE Services:

  • Welcome Bags (visitor guides, coupons,                                                               brochures from local business, area maps, goodies, recipes, postcards)
  • Assistance with Meeting and Convention Bids
  • Promote events in our newsletter and other media outlets
  • A Friendly AUSTIN welcome to your group
  • Create a custom itinerary for your travelers

With over 60 restaurants, there is something for everyone. Whether it's fine dining, fast food, or take-out, the local tastes of Austin will keep you coming back for more.

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