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 301 North Main St. Suite 101, Austin MN 55912 US

According to Only In Your State - 

Austin, Minnesota: The Town in Minnesota That Has The Best Mexican Food Ever!!! 

Coffee Shops, Smoothies, and Bakeries 

Caribou Coffee
1001 18th Ave  NW                                
Coffee House on Main  
329 N Main St

Munch Factory             803 4th St NW

RAVE                         320 N Main St

SuperFresh                2101 4th St NW

The Bistro                1701 4th St NW 


Restaurants in Austin, MN are known for award-winning BBQ sauces, food challenges, French Onion Soup, Raspberry French Toast, Super Spuds, Bloody Mary’s, Caramel Bars and MORE! 

Plus SPAM® is served at 17 restaurants.    

With over 60 restaurants, there is something for everyone.

Whether it's fine dining, fast food, or take-out, the local tastes of Austin will keep you coming back for more.       


Angry Hog
500 23rd Ave NW                                   
Gravity Storm
309 N Main St      


Applebee’s    1404 18th Ave NW  

Barley’s                 1207 N. Main St    ​

Hy-Vee Market Grille  

1307 18th Ave  

Johnny’s Skillet       107 11th Ave NE 

Kenny’s Oak Grill    307 Oakland  Ave     

Perkins                    701 17th Ave NW 

Piggy Blues BBQ     323 North Main 

Sterling Café         1426 1st Ave SW   

Tendermaid       217 4th  Ave NE    

The Old Mill        54446 244th St 

Windrift Lounge    2511 11th St NE      

​​Fast Food 

Arby’s                  1305 18th Ave NW   

Burger King         1409 4th St NW   

Culver’s               1800 8th St NW        

Dairy Queen       1200 Oakland Ave 

Grinder's Deli        604 3rd Ave NW    

Hardee's             1406 4th St NW   ​

Jimmy John’s          803 18th Ave NW    

McDonald's         1009 N Oakland Ave       or                        1402 14th St NW      ​

Subway                1000 18th Ave N             or                          910 Oakland Ave    

Taco John’s           308 W Oakland Ave     

Bar & Grill​     
American Legion    809 12th St SW   

B&J Bar & Grill   112 4th Ave NE     

Bakery II Lounge  113 2nd Ave NE    ​

Bobee Jo’s Bar   435 10th St NE

Dusty’s Bar      422 N Main St      

Eagles Club        107 11th St NE      

Hoot and Ole's 105 11th St SE      

Torge’s Live Sports Pub & Grill 1701 4th St. NW  

Twister Lounge 1600 10th Dr SE 

VFW Post 1216     300 4th Ave NE     


Domino’s Pizza      106 Main St S      507-437-3030

George’s Pizza      209 N Main St      507-437-6677

Godfather’s Pizza   600 Oakland Ave W   507-437-8269

Pizza Hut Wing Street 1004 18th Ave NW ​507-434-0333

Papa Murphy’s     402 1st Ave SW #1   507-433-3333

Pizza Ranch         1300 18th Ave NW     507-396-2677

Steve’s Pizza         421 N Main St       507-437-3249


1910 Fresh Mexican Kitchen                          507 1st St NW

Alicia Bakery and Restaurant               1017 2nd Ave. NE

Bella Victoria           1801 14th St NW      

China Star               1906 8th St NW    

El Mariachi                 227 N Main St   

El Patron                  1906 8th St NW    

Japan Panda             100 14th St SW 

Maya Taqueria           501 Oakland Ave      

Tienda Guerrero        301 4th Ave NE